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We eat, breathe, and sleep books (when we’re not being mommy, girlfriend/wife, daughter, sister, aunt, employee, etc.) and are hoping to share our love of books with you.


Hi all, I am Renee and I am a mommy to one beautiful nine year old little boy. I work part-time as an NAC or CNA and stay home with my little guy the rest of the time. One of my greatest joys is being home with my family — and of course reading.

I have been reading since I was in high school. I remember loving all of the monthly pocket books it’s where I first discovered amazing authors like Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber. I fondly remember my first author signing, at a local bookstore, where I had the chance to meet Debbie Macomber. [I’ve been an even bigger fan ever since].

Every year I would (and still do) look forward to and anxiously await for Nora Roberts to release her bi-yearly books. My obsession with reading has only gotten greater (or worse depending on who you ask in my family) and even lead me to start a Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/bookhappiness for those of you interested) helping to promote authors that I love. I enjoy sharing my love of a great story with others with similar reading interests.

I received my first Kindle and was introduced to some kick ass Indie Authors. Authors like Pamela Ann, Kelly Elliott, S.R. Watson, Kristin Proby, Kristin Ashley, Colleen Hoover and many, many more that I’ve fallen in love with (and stalk continuously – lol).

I absolutely love my Kindle (we’re inseparable). It goes everywhere I go, although my hunny  would like to not see it as often. He jokingly refers to it as my “other boyfriend.” I do LOVE my “Book Boyfriends.”  I don’t think I could be without them. My first love was (and still is) Gavin Blake from The Collide series (Gail McHugh) and my latest crushes are (just like Lay’s chips I can’t have just one): Grayson from The Forbidden Trilogy (S.R. Watson), Nix from Incandescent (River Savage), and of course Hudson from the Fixed series (Laurelin Paige).

Book Happiness was started as a way to help promote the authors that create my wonderful book boyfriends. My Co-Bloggers, Chrissy and Chantel, have been wonderful in helping to contribute to the success of BH ~ I don’t know what I’d do without them.



Renee xoxo



My name is Christina but nearly everyone calls me Chrissy. I’ve been working full-time as an administrative assistant to an attorney for over twenty years. I’m married to my high-school sweetheart [he has my heart]. We have two beautiful rowdy little men who are obsessed with tractors, sports, monster trucks, and every other boy-thing imaginable. They keep us on our toes.

I love to read, its become more than a hobby for me – a borderline obsession (or so my husband says). Anything from historic romances to contemporary novels! If it has a hot billionaire, rough biker, CEO, alpha male, rockstar, fighter, viking, etc. I AM READING IT!!

Since I was probably about 12-years old books have been an escape for me. They hold so much power over us all and can invoke so many different emotions. Sometimes even providing us with an amazing book boyfriend (i.e. Colton Donovan, Kellan Kyle, Zeth Mayfair, and Gavin Blake – sigh).

Renee and I look forward to connecting with you all and the great authors that help us escape for a few hours each day.

Much Love,


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